Colorado Phone Number Lookup

What are Colorado Area Codes and their Locations?

Colorado area codes identify the areas, in the state, where incoming calls originate. These areas are represented by area codes and each location has its own unique code. A good way of filtering suspicious phone numbers that call your phone is to learn the various area codes in the state. That way, you can identify and ignore calls that are from areas you do not know. You can also use reverse phone lookup to identify unknown callers.

There are four area codes in Colorado, listed below:

303 - Location   
719 - Location   
720 - Location   
970 - Location   

Who Controls Colorado Area Codes?

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission controls area codes allocated to the state and makes all decisions related to the implementation and maintenance of area codes. It creates new area codes when current ones are almost exhausted by assigned phone numbers. Currently, there are three distinct area codes and one overlay code in Colorado.

Where is Area Code 303?

Area Code 303 was the first code in Colorado and it was created in 1947. At first, it covered the entire state, but now it represents the Denver and Boulder municipalities. It was overlaid with area code 720.

Where is Area Code 719?

Area code 719 went into service in 1988. It covers Colorado Springs and southeastern Colorado.

Where is Area Code 970?

Area code 970 was created in 1995 and services northern and western Colorado.

Where is Area Code 720?

Area code 720 was created in 1998 as an overlay of area code 303. It serves Denver and Boulder.